The English Pointer

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English Pointer
weight: Male: 55 — 75 lbs
weight: Female 45 — 65 lbs
Height:Male: 25” — 28”
Height Female 23” — 26”
AKC Rank 2008 #109
Life Span: 12—15 yrs
Group Sporting
Origin: England

Dog Breed Info - The English Pointer

descriptive text

Breed Overview

Origin: 1600’s. Original function: Pointing. Today, Pointing and Companions.

The English Pointer of today is a product of the Greyhound, Bloodhound and Foxhound, among possible others. After the war of Spanish Succession in 1713, British army officers came home with heavy-boned Spanish Pointers. These were later crossed with Italian Pointers to produce the breed we know today. These dogs became popular for hunting on large estates. Commonly, two dogs were used to the hunter could locate the bird by viewing both dogs and calculating the position of the bird between them. During the nineteenth century, dog shows became common and these dogs were the main attraction. The Westminster Kennel Club was organized mainly for the Pointer. The Pointer is now recognized as both a treasured gun dog and by the AKC.


The Pointer is known to be easy to train end eager to learn. The downside is the dog is easily distracted by birds and anything resembling a bird. They respond well to clicker training and positive reinforcement. It's very easy and effective.

Crate Training

Want to crate train your English Pointar puppy? It's easy and if you're interested, take a look and you'll see what to do. Crate training your puppy will save many headaches and problems.

Potty Training

English Pointer puppies are relatively easy to house train, potty train, toilet train, housebreak or whatever you want to call it. If you have a puppy, decide if you want to crate or paper potty train it. For the best results, we have a page at Crate vs Paper Potty Training which will help you decide and from there you can get all the information you need to get the job done. Always praise the pup profusely when she goes potty in the RIGHT PLACE so she knows she has done a good thing. Either method will work for this breed.

If you have an older dog, take the dog outside every two hours until she gets the idea which door leads to her potty area. Older dogs catch on to the potty or housebreaking pretty fast once they are shown what to do.

descriptive text


Pointers have the ability to run long periods and are excellent bird dogs. They are superb hunters and must always be kept on leash because if they see a bird they'll take off running once they get something in their sights. This breed can create her own destructive exercise if enough is not provided for her in the way of jogging, games or other activities. The Pointer is basically a gentle and forgiving dog which makes her good with children. That said, she can also be overly boisterous and rambunctious with kids at times. Very small children need close supervision around the Pointer. The “field” type dog is more active and better as a hunter while the “show” type dog may be better around the house and with the children.

If you happen to get an English Pointer with a separation anxiety problem, that can be dealt with by investing a few hours of work on your part and some "tough love."

Friendly Toward Other Dogs

Yes—generally the Pointer gets along pretty well with most dogs. Sometimes picks and chooses dog friends, but is usually friendly.

Friendly Toward Other Pets

Yes, does well with other pets in the house, except for birds. Remember, she’s bred to hunt birds.

Friendly Toward Strangers

A friendly dog but sometimes reserved with strangers.


Very playful. Be careful around young kids. The English Pointer can be dangerously playful to the point of being rambunctious.


Yes, quite affectionate. Not a couch potato, but loyal and a great companion to be at your side. She’ll kiss you and snuggle up tight.

Good with children?

Yes, A good choice for older kids—children 6 or 7 and up. The Pointer can run and romp with the kids all day if they want. She’s quite tolerant and good with them.

Good with Seniors over 65?

No. Needs too much exercise.

Living environment

House with a large fenced backyard (30 x 100 feet would be nice) or a farm or ranch where she can chase balls, play fetch and run to get plenty of exercise everyday.

The Pointer can not stay in the cold. She must come in to a warm house. She is subject to frostbite.

Energy level

Very energetic. Rate her 8 bars out of 10.

Exercise needs, daily

The English Pointer needs LOTS of exercise, like jogging, or very long walks, games of fetch and so on. It will be hard to tire this dog out. This is a strong, energetic breed.


Will let you know if a stranger is around but is not known as the best watchdog in the world. They do bark and announce, usually, when something is going on.

Guard dog

No. Not a guard dog. Not aggressive, not a real killer pooch.


Yes, Sheds moderately.


Brush 2 times a week to remove dead hair, more often when shedding.

After the English Pointer has been out jogging or exercising, towel here off and her coat will have a bit of a shine to it. Clean debris from the toes and ear flaps, especially if she has been in the woods hunting. Check for ticks.



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