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Hi. I’m Bob, the face behind this website. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find many things of interest as you browse the pages that continue to grow in number and content.

How long have I been passionate about dogs? Well, my first dog was given to me by my Dad on an easy-to-remember date. It was December 7, 1941. I was 6 years old. We found out that evening from the radio that it was to be known as “Pearl Harbor Day.” Yep, quite a coincidence.

The dog was a 5 week old Cairn Terrier mix that turned out to be sick and clinging to life. My mother, a doctor, helped me nurse the tiny puppy back to health. “Dusty,” as we named her, lived a healthy 17 years after that in the clean Pacific Coast air of the 40’s and 50’s in West Los Angeles, Southern California.

Getting my first puppy started something, as I adored that dog and as an only child, sort of took her in like a sister. Dad got a dog book from the library and I started training Dusty to do all sorts of things including roll over, dance, beg, shake paw, fetch, play dead and so on.

My interest in dogs grew as I started taking in strays and neighboring dogs that needed various degrees of training, food, housing or whatever.

It was fun and rewarding working with the dogs, training and nursing them to good health, but I had to give most to the dog pound.

In the mid 1950’s my college effort was interrupted by a few years in the US Army due to the Korean Conflict. I was placed with a small group of men assigned to maintain the military Security Dogs that were used for guarding equipment and other assets. By 1961 I was out of service and once again had my own collection of dogs.

Another thing about me that may be of interest is the amount of time I volunteered at dog kennels walking the dogs, cleaning up and working with these unwanted and often disobedient animals. I was also spending spare time reading dog-related books and working with dog trainers to rehabilitate dogs so they could be adopted.

I have always had a soft spot for the poor, underprivileged, unfortunate, sick and lonely, whether it be a human or an animal. That’s just “me.” Starting with that first little sick Cairn Terrier mix, and continuing with many, many other abandoned, mistreated and unwanted dogs (and cats). I have filled my spare time in life trying to help dogs find a better life.

It is my hope, now that I’m older and am no longer able to work, that I can make use of all I’ve experienced and learned to provide some of the answers you need and the information you want.

I still have less-fortunate dogs. My Miniature Schnauzer has Diabetes, eye problems and chronic, reoccurring pancreatitis.. I give her insulin shots daily, medicine, and home-cook a special diet for her. My Yorkie mix has cancer and a heart defect. He requires special attention, medication and home-cooked food too. But, know what? These dogs are in NO pain, are happy, active and living a great life and are soooo very loved!

How can a dog reward you? Have you ever looked into the face of a homeless dog after you’ve given her a home, food and some kindness? Have you ever seen that very special look in the eyes of a dog that you have just rescued that says “thank you for giving me a second chance?” Have you ever felt the joy and exuberance in a dog right after a training session and the dog has just mastered a command that has PLEASED YOU and the dog knows he has made you HAPPY? Well, I have and there is nothing else like it. A dog talks with his/her eyes and body language, and wow, can they speak volumes!

Okay, now you know about me and where I’m coming from. Animal protector, adopter, and spokesperson for the less fortunate. That’s been my life. Too honest to be wealthy. Too down to earth to be unfriendly. Too kind to be hurtful.

I hope you enjoy our (my wife is helping with this) website and will return to see what we’ve added or revised because we are constantly adding and improving things. I never in all my dreams expected to be building a website, but it would be a shame to waste what I know and the feelings for dogs that I hold.

A favorite quote:
"We can learn so much by observing the way our pets rejoice in life's simplest moments. For a dog, every morning is Christmas morning. Every walk is the best walk, every meal is the best meal. Take time everyday to celebrate the many gifts that are hidden in the ordinary events of your life."
---Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer---

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