Blood In Urine?

A sick dog can upset a whole family.
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Are you finding blood in urine samples from your dog? It may or may not trigger an alarm. It depends on the source which must be identified by a vet.

Red-colored blood is usually caused by a urinary tract infection and is often treatable with antibiotics from your vet.

However, the blood could also signal poisoning, kidney stoness or possibly a tumor.

Blood In the Urine — Common Causes

  • Bladder infection—Most often bacterial, sometimes fungal, or worse, parasitic. Treatable with antibiotics.

  • A bleeding disorder.

  • Heat cycle (in non-spayed females)

  • Prostate disease (in non-neutered males)

  • Inflammation caused by stones or crystals in the bladder.

  • A kidney infection.

  • Poison (usually rat poison)

  • Tumor

  • Uterine infection in a female.

  • Some form of trauma.<./ul>

    This Will Help…

    1. Spay your female dog to prevent future uterine infections and other female “problems.”

    2. Neuter your male dog to prevent prostate disease and enlargement.

    3. Check often to be sure the dog can make and pass urine.

    4. If there is blood in the urine samples, check for other symptoms such as vomiting, lethargy or cessation in eating. Any of the above requires a VET, especially trouble urinating which is a dog emergency.

    5. Take dog to vet. Regardless of which symptom you see, if there is blood in the urine at any time, go straight to the vet.

    Don’t wait with this potential dog emergency.

    The vet is you're best answer for bloody urine!
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    Find out the cause of the blood and where it’s is coming from.

    Take a urine sample to your vet. Collect urine in a clean glass vessel the same day you see the veterinarian. A wide-mouth baby food jar works well.

    Get the necessary medication or surgery as needed.

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