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Cockapoo information: No two dogs from the same litter will have the exact same temperament and other characteristics so all I can give you are generalities and averages.

What is this?

Cockapoos, also known as Cockerpoos, are one of the oldest Designer Dogs around and one of the most popular too!

They started in the United States in the 1960’s, some 40+ years ago when an American Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle got together and had puppies, from which the name comes. The mix became a big hit and has remained very popular since then.

NOT a breed. This is a mix of two purebreds causing the dog to be called a “hybrid” or “designer dog.”

The “Cockerpoo” is a blend and comes in three sizes because of the Poodle influence:

  1. Toy size. Under 12 pounds or 5kg.
  2. Miniature size: 13 — 20 pounds or 6 to 9kg.
  3. Standard size: Over 20 pounds or 9kg.

Lifespan will vary depending on the size you choose. A general guideline is 17 years for the Toy, 16 for the Mini and 13 — 15 for the Standard as long as their health and food quality is properly guarded along the way.

Colors vary widely and can be in spotted coats or solid colors ranging from gray or black or white to brown or red.

This dog is known for it’s soft furry coat with a texture of wavy or curly hair.

You can take Cockapoos jogging, hiking, camping, picnicking, boating, a car trip or just put them on your lap as they all suit these dogs.

This little 96 page paperback is a quick guide to the Cockapoos, their habits and personality. This is an intelligent dog that is easily trained, is full of spirit and loves life. It's all in the book, but this book requires several weeks to ship.

Cockapoos (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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Fairly easy to train. Cockapoos are smart and eager to learn. Show them what you want, follow simple guidelines in this website and have your your perfect companion.

Your new hybrid dog will be anxious to show off what she’s learned!

Clicker Training works well. Here’s some info: Clicker Training.

Potty Training

Want to potty train your dog? There are several ways. Crate vs Paper Potty Training which will help you decide and from there you can get all the information you need. Always praise the pup profusely when she goes potty in the RIGHT PLACE so she knows she has done a good thing.

If you have an older dog, take the dog outside every two hours until she gets the idea which door leads to her potty area. Older dogs catch on to the potty or housebreaking pretty fast once they are shown what and where.

Cockapoos Temperament

This is the combination of two renowned family dogs. Cockers and Poodles are both excellent family choices. Their hybrid offspring are smart, fun-loving, affectionate, playful, energetic and lively. They want most to be with family and into family activities. They are gentle and always glad when you come in the room. S/he gets along well with children and adults alike.

No wonder this low shedding, allergy-safe companion dog has been so popular for over forty years!

If you happen to get one with a separation anxiety problem, that can be dealt with by investing a few hours of work on your part and some "tough love."

Playfulness & Affection

Unclear. Read the profiles for the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle parents as an indication.

An indication — both parents are playful, lively and fun to own. The Toy and Miniature sizes are great lap dogs and are quite affectionate.

Living environment

  • Toy — Apartment, flat, Condo, farm. Backyard not needed.
  • Miniature — Apartment, flat, condo, farm. Prefers a back yard to play fetch and explore in, but not mandatory.
  • Standard — House with a fenced yard is best. Can live in apartments but not my first choice.)

This is an indoor dog (all 3 sizes) but a few hours in the yard are fine.

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Energy level?

Moderately high energy. A walk or two daily and a game of fetch will suffice. Great jogging buddy and loves to swim. (“Poodle” is a variation on the word “puddle” and spaniels are swimmers too,)

Watch/Guard Dog?

  • Toy = Good watchdog. Not a guard dog.
  • Miniature = Good watchdog. Not a guard dog.
  • Standard = Good watch and guard dog. Will protect family and house but is not vicious enough to stop some intruders unless the “mix” leans heavy toward the Poodle influence.
The Cockapoos are an average barkers. They bark at strangers, other dogs and sometimes when lonely. They are quiet around the house except for outdoor disturbances and doorbells.

Shedding & Grooming

Very low shedding, almost none. Successfully owned by many allergy sufferers.

Brush daily to keep fur soft and prevent mats. See a groomer every 8 weeks or less for a trim and bath to keep the coat-shape under control.

Cockapoo Breeders & Classifieds
If you are looking for Cockapoo puppies be sure to find reputable breeders that REALLY know what they are doing. Be sure the puppy has been VERY well socialized and started in obedience training.
Here''s a site of classified ads that can take you directly to Cockapoo breeders, private sellers and more. Cockapoo puppies and adults are probably available. "Dogs Now" provides a lot of information about who has what for sale or adoption. Cockapoo Classifieds with puppies and dogs for sale.

Cockapoos' Literature
(Order now for shipment on arrival of these NEW books.)

Cockapoos - Health Issues

What health or illness problems the Cockapoos are prone to depends on the gene pool mix and what percentages the dog is comprised of between the two breeds of parents.

It could be assumed that common problems like hypothyroidism, patellar luxation, skin disorders, eye problems, Otitis externa, dog bloat (gastric torsion) intervertebral disc disease, diabetes and pancreatitis to name a few illnesses found in either or both parents would show up in the Cockapoo pups.

There is nothing specific mentioned in the resource books largely because this dog is a true hybrid which means there is no standardization. For more Cockapoos information, please visit the two breed profile pages marked by the links at the beginning of this page, as these are the parents.

The TWO things both parents have that this hybrid does NOT have are CHD (canine hip dysplasia) and skin problems.


This is a "small dog" and as such, requires a family that can lead with kind, persistent dominance. See Alpha Dog for ideas. Small dogs have a way of running the household if they aren't put in a submissive position.

Coloration, appearance, temperament and health will depend on the balance of influence from each parent. That is, if the dog has, say, 80% Bichon and only 20% King Charles in the genes, your dog will be more strongly influenced in the direction of the Bichon for most all traits. A 50% — 50% mix is terribly rare for hybrid / designer dogs.


Coloration, appearance, temperament and health will depend on the balance of influence from each parent. That is, if the dog has, say, 80% Cocker and only 20% Poodle in the genes, your Cockapoo will be more strongly influenced in the direction of the Bichon for most all traits. A 50% — 50% mix is terribly rare for hybrid / designer dogs.


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