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If you have relative comments, or need to contacts us about something that would add to this website, please use the form below.

This is a new site and we have plenty of work ahead. It could be we plan to add what you are already thinking of, but go ahead and tell us what's on your mind anyway.

Time per week is limited for working on the site so be patient and visit us often. I know there are many other sites that offer the same basic information that we do, but much of ours is based on first hand experience and is told as it really is.

Thus, if you don't want to get up at 2 or 3am to let your new puppy outdoors to potty in the snow and rain, this site is here to warn ahead of time and maybe you won't get the pup in the first place. And so on.

On the form below, I have inserted "State." That's ONLY if you live in the USA.

Again, thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

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