Controlling Dog Barking

How to stop dog barking is the topic of this article.

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Dog barking occurs for much the same reason that humans cry. They both want something. Humans cry because they want something. Dog barking occurs because they want something, like to get out of the house or yard, to go with you to the store, to warn you of the intruder, to let off steam because he’s bored or lonely, and so on. You can't stop dog barking entirely, no do you want to.

How to manage excessive barking is what has to be learned.

Your dog SHOULD bark if the house is on fire or is being broken into. Your dog SHOULD bark if someone rings the doorbell, walks around behind the house or climbs into the basement. A really smart dog should come in barking when one of the kids gets injured.

However, if s/he is barking because you are leaving the house, or are gone all day, or even just gone long enough to grocery shop, then you have a dog with a degree separation anxiety...a barker!

Barking is your dog’s main way of communicating. Excessive barking is a show of boredom. Barking is also a way to release energy and a way to get attention.

If your dog is “spoiled,” used to being held, pampered, and played with, s/he may bark excessively when left alone. Yes, she’s barking because she wants YOU to come home and entertain her!

Dog Barking is one of the most normal things a dog can do. He barks for many reasons. But, try to explain that to your neighbors at two o'clock in the morning! Fortunately, there are ways to stop dog barking or at least confine the barking to the "necessary like an intruder.".

Training A Dog To Stop Barking

Stop Dog Barking Or Control Excessive Barking:

  • You can get your barking dog a bark collar, for instance. A bark collar will work on some dogs and not others and some consider this a bit less than humane.

  • This dog is going to have to learn that barking for your attention is not going to work anymore. Do NOT raise your voice to him, as that is a form of entertainment. I mean, you ARE paying attention to him, right? It is best to ignore him. Otherwise, the dog will think, “if I bark, she will entertain me, pay attention to me and holler at me which is pretty good ‘cause I won’t be so bored.”

  • Instead, when your dog is barking, and ONLY when she is in the act of barking, use the age-old method of spraying a little water in her face. At the same time, say, in a strong voice, “STOP” and walk away.

  • Every time she starts to bark, give her a little facial and say “STOP” and walk away. When she stops barking, give her substantial praise and maybe a treat.

  • This next approach works for some dogs but not all. I have tried it with mixed results. Pick up a dog bark collar at the pet store. This device emits a bit of either citronella or a gentle shock. Neither is harmful to the dog but lets him know to stop doing whatever he's doing.

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Dog barking collars run around $50 to $100 depending on the kind you buy and can be well worth the price IF it resolves a pesky problem. Remember, it doesn't work on ALL dogs so save your receipt.

  • As stated above, remove the things that are causing the dog to bark in the first place if that’s possible. If the dog is tired from playing and walking, is well fed, and has plenty of toys, chances are she won't feel like barking.

  • You can also load up an empty aluminum soda can with around 17 pennies, tape the top shut and shake it vigorously next to the barking pooch. He may become frightened and stop barking.

I tried the “pennies-in-a-can” thing on a small 16 pound alpha-barker I once owned. He saw the can and instead of stopping his loud yapping, he started a tirade of barking at the can itself! My wife settled him with the spray bottle of water.

Managing dog barking may take imagination sometimes, but generally if you keep the dog occupied and interested in something, she won't feel the need to bark so much. It can be a second dog, a favorite chew toy, or a Kong toy filled with some form of goodie like Kong Liver Paste for example. It might be all of the above.

If you tie her up in the back yard and leave her, she will bark for sure, just out of boredom and frustration!

Dog barking takes patience and repetition to get under control. Barking is their natural born instinct and you have to overcome that with clever managing.

A dog barking is no fun when you’re the neighbor.

Remember, the best way to stop dog barking is by thoroughly tiring her out and give her lots to chew on.


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