Dog Behavior Training

photoThis Collie is chewing up shoes
out of a natural instinct to chew.
All dogs chew but must be taught
what they can and can not chew ON!

Dog behavior training is key to a great dog-human relationship as I’m sure you are finding out. A dog can ruin that relationship almost overnight if the owner doesn't know how to handle everyday situations.

There are so many hundreds of thousands, no, millions of unwanted dogs in our rescue kennels, all there because people bought puppies and didn’t bother to learn how to handle the little dog behavior problems that arose. I don’t want this to happen to you, which is one purpose of this website.

As time goes on, I’ll be listing the more common dog training behavior situations humans find not to their liking, such as digging up the flower bed, chewing on the dining room table leg, and having a snit-fit when you leave the house for a few hours.

Solving your dog’s behavior problems takes commitment but it’s worth the effort.

Controlling Dog Disobedience
A disobedient dog must be dealt with immediately. This is a sure sign of confusion in the family hierarchy and someone is going to have to become the alpha dog which begs for dog behavior training!

Controlling Dog Digging
Many dogs, especially terriers, love to dig. They bury bones, escape under fences and burn off excess energy by digging up your prize flower garden.

This Shih Tzu is happily digging up the
garden out of boredom and lack of exercise.

Managing Dog Barking
A dog barks for many reasons but your next door neighbor complains for only one. Dog behavior training is urgent. Barking dogs must be controlled. Learn the ways to do it.

Managing Dog Chewing
Chewing is a natural thing for all dogs, especially puppies. Dog behavior training teaches you how to direct the chewing to doggie property and away from your property.

Managing Dog Aggression
Any form of dog aggression is dangerous and must be addressed immediately. If the aggression is too severe the dog may have to be returned to the kennel or breeder. Happily, most common aggression can be dealt with. That’s what this article deals with.

Managing Dog Food Aggression
Some dogs will show aggression with their food bowls and nothing else. They may guard toys as well, but food guarding is the big thing that can be dealt with through dog training behavior.

Dog Managing Separation Anxiety
Dogs, the pack animals that they are, don’t like to be left alone. When their family drives off and leave them, they can get very upset. Learn what to do through dog behavior training.

Dog Behavior - New Baby Meets Dog
Care must be taken when bringing a new baby into the house. Fido can get very jealous very fast. How do you get them to like each other?

Stop Dog Licking
A dog that licks everything in sight can be annoying and a distraction. Read this article for some thoughts on the subject.

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