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The dog breeds and the dogs within the breeds are about as different as the people who own them. Adopting a dog involves knowing something about the breed of the dog. Even if you adopt a mixed breed, it still has different breeds in it’s background and those breeds will influence how the dog acts. Choosing a breed of dog to suit your needs may seem like a daunting task but we’ll give you as much information as we can.

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Bob and Dorothy.

This is near perfect form. The dog is catching the blue
Frisbee above him while he stands straight as an arrow! Great show!

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The AKC has divided the breeds up into groups, depending on the nature of the individual dog. Some dogs were bred for hunting, others are better lap dogs.

Above: Georgie, the Golden, resting in the grass near
Sussex, England after her humans took her
for a long walk on the beach and grassy hills.

Dog Breed Notes

This page has links to a considerable amount of breed information including breed profiles, health/medical problems etc.

Below, you'll find a variety of categories for which individual dog breeds are listed with links to their profiles to give you breed info pointing to a specific purpose for each dog.

Example: If you are a senior citizen, you only want breed information on dog breeds for dogs suited to seniors, and, that’s what you’ll find.

We have delved deep into the AKC breed information sources as well as our own experiences to give you the best “picture” possible of each dog. However...

... Keep in mind, breeds of dogs, like people, are different. The CROSS SECTION of a given breed may be that that breed gets along well with other dogs, for instance, but you might happen to get one that doesn't like other dogs. Are we wrong? Not really. Again, dogs are different. Nine out of ten in the breed might love other dogs and you got the one that doesn't.

AKC breed information is based on the “average” for each trait. Such as “Staffordshire Bull Terriers are affectionate, loving family dogs.” Okay, so a gang of kids get hold of some and turn them into aggressive fighting dogs and pretty soon everyone is saying, “those Pit Bulls are all nasty, horrible dog-and-people-eating monsters.”

The point is clear. Dogs are what HUMANS make them to be.


Border Collie catching a Frisbee


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