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    The Dog Whisperer has been on television for quite some time. Cesar Millan is all about dog psychology, more than training as such. The ability to understand and communicate with dogs is often misunderstood or overlooked entirely.

    Fortunately, Cesar is not the only dog expert around. Below, you will find nine entertaining and useful offerings that offer great insight and variations in the world of dog training books. There are many, many books to choose from. These are just some of the most informative and useful.

    All books shown are 5 and 4 star rated by the consuming public.

    A 96 page booklet that is a fascinating read. What is my dog thinking? His body language says it all and this book is a study of the many things a dog does that describes what he's got on his mind.

    What Is My Dog Thinking?: The Essential Guide to Understanding Pet Behavior

    Another communication book - 288 page paperback with a 4-1/2 star customer satisfaction rating which is good. Communicating with your dog is essential. Just ask Cesar Millan! You can do it too. Read the book. There are customer reviews when you click on the link below and scroll down the page a bit @ Amazon.

    How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication

    This is a 272 page hardcover book by Karen Pryor, a long time advocate of humane training using clickers and positive reinforcement. This is an easy-to-understand document that focuses heavily on clicker training and accomplishing training not otherwise possible. It's a good read.

    Reaching the Animal Mind: Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us About All Animals

    "Bonding With Your Dog" is a 224 page 5-star customer rated paperback. A trainers secrets for building a better relationship with your pet, It's written by a prominent dog trainer and has a lot of goods information.

    Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer's Secrets for Building a Better Relationship

    A 432 page 5-star customer rated paperback. Please click on the link below and scroll down the Amazon page to Editorial and Customer Reviews for a complete picture of this book. If you have a fearful dog, this is your book.

    Help for Your Fearful Dog: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Your Dog Conquer His Fears

    "Treats, Pl;ay, Love" is a 336 page paperback that makes dog training more fun and interesting. It's obedience training with bits of food and fun, the non-serious way as a friend would do. Click on the link below and then scroll down the Amazon page to read Editorial and Customer reviews. An unusual version of the training books.

    Treats, Play, Love: Make Dog Training Fun for You and Your Best Friend

    "It's Me Or The Dog" is a 4-1/2 star rated 224 page paperback published in 2007. Gloria Stilwell is the author. She's a well known dog trainer and behaviorist on television. You'll find this book not only entertaining, but very informative. It is worth a read. It's well known among dog training books.

    It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet

    "On Talking Terms With Dogs" is a 78 page paperback that teaches calming signals / methods to settle a dog down so you can work with him. Useful in preventing situations such as the approach of strangers or dogs as well as calming a nervous dog. Worth a look by clicking on the link below and scrolling down the Amazon page to Reviews, etc.

    On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals

    "My Smart Puppy: is a 352 page, 4-1/2 star rated hardcover book. "Raising a happy, well-adjusted puppy is much like raising a child--owners have to listen to what their puppy's behavior is trying to tell them. And it's far simpler than people think. With the intuitive and step-by-step methods included....." This rates well in dog training books.
    My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training (Book & 60min DVD)

    "Housebreak Your Dog In 7-Days" has been in print for around 20 years and is still popular today. Why? Because this little 96 page 4-star rated book works! It's inexpensive and effective.

    How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)

    "Dogs Can Sign" is a 224 page, 4-star paperback. Dogs Can Sign, Too is the first book dedicated exclusively to the K9Sign system for teaching dogs to communicate to their human companions using a vocabulary of gestures. Etc. For the hearing impaired to investigate!

    Dogs Can Sign, Too: A Breakthrough Method for Teaching Your Dog to Communicate

    Guard Dog Training Books

    K9 Personal Protection Dogs is a 164 page hardcover book that goes into breeds and temperaments of suitable guard dogs and is a complete training manual. A worthwhile investment for anyone wanting a personal protection dog. From better dog training books.

    K9 Personal Protection: A Manual for Training Reliable Protection Dogs

    This Schutzhund training book is 256 page, 4-1/2 star rated hardcover. "An outstanding analysis of why and how protection, Obedience, and Tracking all play an integral part in Schutzhund training, with emphasis on selecting and raising a dog to suit the owner's needs."

    Schutzhund: Theory and Training Methods (Howell reference books)

    "Advanced..." A 256 page hardcover, 5-star rated book. "Advanced Schutzhund takes a problem-solving approach to Level III work that will help competitors bring their dogs to the highest level. Tracking, obedience and protection are dealt with individually, analyzing specific problems that crop up in each skill and offering step-by-step solutions." Read reviews on Amazon page.
    Advanced Schutzhund (Howell reference books)

    A 160 page, 4-1/2 star hardcover. "An invaluable guide for both amateur and professional handlers and trainers of all working breeds, as well for dog owners who wish to better understand the basics of correct handling and training."

    Training Dogs for Protection Work

    A 208 page, 4-1/2 star rated paperback. "Training Manual covers procedures, problems, solutions for tracking, obedience and protection. It is the most comprehensive, most useful, most practical, most detailed Schutzhund training guide available. It presents in detail the secret training methods used by experts, and chapters on training psychology, puppy training," etc.

    Top Working Dogs: A Training Manual--Tracking, Obedience, Protection

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