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Lap Dog - One Of The Joys Of Canine Ownership

Face of the Border Terrier
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Lap dogs serve an important purpose in our lives. They aren’t just small dog breeds that fit comfortably into an apartment. Actually, some of these dogs are big enough and bred to catch and kill mice, rats and other vermin.

These little creatures are there for the couch potato, the elderly, the shut-in and anyone else who for whatever reason of their own, spends a lot of time SITTING. Sitting on the front porch, in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. It doesn’t really matter.

The little “lap dog”is the sort that likes to romp and play, maybe go for a walk, then curl up on a lap and devote her energy to keeping that lap warm. They are affectionate, loving companions, loyal to their human and his or her lap and they don’t ask a lot more from life.

Not every dog can do this. I’ve known heavy retrievers and even a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler that THOUGHT they were lap dogs but it didn’t work.

Maximum weight for a dog on your lap should be around 24 pounds.

Sometimes called the “monkey terrier,” this little fellow is a bit of a clown, full of life and active. He’s good with dogs and people and is a loving little dog. He’s quite friendly, playful and outgoing. Weight around 8 pounds.

Bichon Frise wants to play ball
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Bichon Frise
Energetic, active, frisky, and full of fun, the little Bichon loves to play, cuddle and generally loves life and family. This is a bouncy dog that will get out and jog with you if you go her pace. She’s 11 to 18 pounds of cute lap dog.

Border Terrier
Border Terrier’s are 12 to 16 pounds of all around house dogs and family pets. They get along well with children, other pets and people, catch rats and love to dig holes. The breed is fairly easy to manage, easy to train and deal with in general.

Cairn Terrier
The little Cairn is a terrific 12 to 14 pound house pet and devoted pup. She’s intelligent, playful, inquisitive, feisty and a tad rugged. She gets along with children and other dogs. Strangers could be a problem until she knows them because she is a good watchdog. She CAN bark, believe me!

Obedient young girl and
her King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier is one of the most lovable of the toy breeds. She is quiet, affectionate, and gets along with everyone from other dogs to strangers and children. She can weigh up to 18 pounds.

Chinese Crested
The Crested is a playful little 10 pound lap dog and companion that is friendly with other dogs, cats, people and children. She needs very little exercise such as a short walk on leash or a game in the yard and her primary job is to keep your lap warm. She comes with or without fur.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Dandie’s come from the border area of England and Scotland. She's a sweetheart around the house and is devoted to the family and children and a pretty good lap dog. Her little short legs need lots of exercise. She's frisky, fun-loving, affectionate and likes to romp and play in the yard with the kids. Still one of the small dog breeds, she weighs 18 to 24 pounds.

Happy Havanese needs grooming
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This little 10 pound wonder is a friend to just about everyone. She is a bit of a clown, silly in her own way and likes to be the center of attention. She is friendly with other dogs, pets, children and strangers. This is an affectionate family lap dog.

Italian Greyhound with red raincoat
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Italian Greyhound
The Italian Greyhound is a quiet, gentle and affectionate breed that loves to run and play but has relatively low exercise needs which makes her a good lap dog. The dog is good with children but she can easily break her legs around bigger kids and dogs.

Japanese Chin
This little 7 pound miniature is an all round family dog that is good with responsible children, other dogs and loves people in general. It is a true lap dog and family pet at heart. A small dog breed, it is playful, affectionate and a great watchdog all in one.

Lhasa Apso
Fairly energetic, playful and moderately affectionate, the Lhasa Apso is a common house pet in America and a member of the small dog breeds group. This little 15 pound pooch makes a pretty good companion, especially for senior citizens.

A great little devoted family dog from Germany with plenty of energy but low exercise needs, well suited for a quiet life in the suburbs as a lap dog. The Löwchen gets along well with other pets and dogs and usually strangers too.

A Miniature Pinscher resting on the grass
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Miniature Pinscher
The “Min Pin” weight 8 to 10 pounds. She’s very playful and affectionate with her family but not with other dogs and strangers. She is a good watchdog.

Miniature Schnauzer
The Mini Schnauzer is one of the most adorable and adaptable of the terrier breeds. She gets along very well with children, is more tolerant than many dogs, is affectionate and playful beyond description, a lapdog, and devoted companion. The Mini is far less aggressive than the larger version. Of the small dog breeds, this is one of the outstanding lapdogs and companions.

Papillon's, aka “Butterfly Dogs,” are 8 pound critters that love children but are easily injured so caution is needed. The get along with other dogs and people. The Papillon is playful gentle, affectionate and fairly easy to train. This makes for a near perfect house pet.

Female Toy Poodles average around 6 pounds and are a lively breed, loving every bit of life. Very playful and affectionate, friendly with strangers, people in general and house pets—that’s a Poodle. The Toy Poodle is intelligent and easy to train. They are responsive, eager to please and are at home on your lap.

The Pug is a sure contender for the small dog breeds group. She’s a little comedy act, always showing off and acting silly. She's quiet and laid-back, but stubborn and self-confident too. She will settle on anyone’s lap she can find. She’s a good watchdog, and needs minimal exercise.

Lovely little Shih Tzu - watching the camera.
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Shih Tzu
This breed weighs in around 15 pounds and is a favorite in senior citizen centers. The Shih Tzu is foremost an affectionate companion and lapdog that loves to play and romp but needs little exercise beyond a brief walk. She’s good with (well mannered) children and other pets.

Toy Fox Terrier
Toy Fox Terriers really do fit the small dog breeds and lap dogs list. This 6 pound pooch is full of life and will check out your drawers, cabinets and all corners of the garage before setting out to entertain you with her antics. Then she’ll find a lap to settle in on. She’s full of play and affection for her family. She comes with the label, “Made In the USA.” She’s pretty easy to train and is a good watchdog.

West Highland White Terrier “Westie”
The adorable little Westie comes from Scotland. The busy Westie is the lapdog of the terriers and “affection” should be her middle name. This is an active dog, inquisitive and nosy, ready to please, cute as they come and very easy to train. This 18 pound pooch will go jogging with you or fetch a ball in the yard. She likes people and most other dogs. She’ll bark at intruders and give kisses till you run for a towel.

Two Yorkies on a picnic table enjoying the sun.
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Yorkie Terrier
The energetic little Yorkshire requires a lot of combing and brushing and is a very popular miniature 5 to 7 pound dog topping the small dog breeds list. She’s a feisty, barky, playful lap dog that is moderately affectionate but at times more concerned about herself than anything else. She’s a sweet dog but you have to understand her. She does consider herself one of the lap dogs, however.

Who's to say which is the BEST LAP DOG? Each breed is different and some folks prefer the very small dog breeds such as Teacup and Toys for a lap dog while others like something a bit larger.My personal pick for best lap dog is either a female Miniature Schnauzer or a Westie.10/29/09

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