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Dog Breeds In The Non-Sporting Group

Non Sporting Breeds

A good looking Keeshond

The non-sporting breeds group is comprised of a variety of non-conforming dogs, large and small that would seem to have nothing much in common other than being canines. They go from very fuzzy (Bichon) to very plain Boston Terrier in coat type. What they all do have in common though is that they are all wonder dogs and are loved by everyone. These dogs make fine house pets and great companion dogs that often find themselves curled up on or near your lap. They are in alphabetical order should you go looking for any one in particular.

American Eskimo Dog
A lively, bright, well-mannered dog, always ready to romp and in need of lots of exercise, the American Eskimo Dog is a good house pet but doesn't get along too well with young children, pets or other dogs. He’s trainable, loves to play and is a good watchdog.

Bichon Frise
A member of the non sporting breeds group, the Bichon is a very popular pup. Energetic, active, frisky, and full of fun, the little Bichon loves to play, cuddle and generally loves life and family. This is a bouncy dog that will get out and jog with you if you go her pace.

Boston Terrier
The little Boston Terrier is a member of the non sporting breeds group and is a frisky, well-mannered house-pet. He's a companion dog that loves to play ball and snooze by your feet. He enjoys quiet walks with stops in the park. This is a real joy of a dog to own. They are faithful, sensitive and very sweet. Some can be a bit stubborn and some are wary of strangers, other dogs and boisterous kids.

Bulldog (English)
This is one terrific house pet. He’s funny, a clown in a small package, loves his family, is obedient, easy to train and can act just plain silly when he wants to. The Bulldog is pretty good with kids but not always friends with strange dogs. This is a great package for a pet!

Chinese Shar Pei
The breed is known to be stubborn and taken with itself; very independent and aggressive around other dogs. It is a loyal and highly protective family dog that is totally self confident. It is not playful and not very affectionate. The breed is all business. It’s better as a watch and guard dog.

Chow Chow
The Chow is similar to the Shar Pei. It is stubborn and independent. The Chow is best as a watch dog and guard dog. It can be aggressive toward strange dogs and may not care for small children. It is protective of it’s family.

Dalmatian puppy
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The “firehouse” dog. The Dalmatian is an affectionate breed in the non sporting breeds group that needs lots of exercise and tends to roam if not kept under control. The can be aggressive toward strange dogs and have too much energy for small children, but otherwise can fit into some active families.

Finnish Spitz
This breed is alert and a bit playful but also stubborn and independent while some try to be dominate, in true spitz fashion. The dog is pretty good with children and other household pets but can be aggressive with strange dogs. It is a fairly good watch and guard dog.

French Bulldog
Frenchie’s are fun-loving little family dogs that will entertain you. They are fairly quiet, goofy dogs that like to clown around. They are good with kids, other pets and don’t mind strangers, as they are not aggressive. They are, however, not easy to train!

The Keeshond Comes from The Netherlands and is almost the perfect family dog off-the-rack. She goes well with children, is lively and full of energy, needs only moderate exercise, is very affectionate, learns well and loves to be with family..

Lhasa Apso
The Lhasa, from the non sporting breeds group, is fairly energetic, playful and moderately affectionate, the Lhasa Apso is a common house pet in America and a member of the non sporting breeds group. They don’t care much for other dogs or strangers and are very hard to train but they do make a pretty good companion, especially for senior citizens.

A great little devoted family dog from Germany with plenty of energy but low exercise needs, well suited for a quiet life in the suburbs. The Löwchen gets along well with other pets and dogs and usually strangers too.

Poodle, Standard
This highly popular breed comes in three sized so take your pick. For now, we’ll settle on the Standard Poodle. They are playful, affectionate and easy to train and need lots of exercise. The Poodle tends to bond strongly with one person but are still considered a family pet. The Standard is an excellent watch and guard dog.

The Schipperke is an inquisitive little 12 pound wonder that likes to investigate everything in sight. He’s a tad stubborn and difficult to manage at times, not easy to train, but otherwise is a fairly good house pet. He’s very affectionate and a great watchdog and guardian.

Shiba Inu
This is one of the non sporting breeds that comes from Japan and is a self-confident companion, hunter, house dog, watchdog and guard dog for its’ family. Shiba’s need plenty of exercise and as a result are well-mannered in the house. They can be aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex.

Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Spaniels have quite a bit of energy but don't need much exercise. They tend to be independent and stubborn little house dogs but are quite affectionate and get along fine with other pets as well as other dogs. They don’t care much for strange people.

Tibetan Terrier
This breed is an all around dog and the final member of the non-sporting breeds group. He has plenty of energy and needs lots of exercise to work it off. The breed is good with other dogs and kids and is quite affectionate with family members. He’s fairly rugged and wants to be part of anything the family is doing, indoors or out.

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