The Puggle
(Pug and Beagle Mix)
Designer Dogs

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The Puggle
Weight: 15 — 30 lbs (7-14kg)
Height: roughly 10” — 15”
Lifespan: up to 16 yrs
Prime function: Companion, Lapdog.

Designer Dogs - About The Puggle

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Important Puggle information: No two dogs from the same litter will have the exact same temperament and other characteristics. All facts about the Puggle are generalities.

It was during the 1980’s when an experiment with a Pug and a Beagle produced the first Puggle in the United States (origin). The dog really took off around 2005 and is one of the most popular of all hybrid, designer dog mixes.

Comes in fawn, silver and black with a black muzzle. but also sometimes seen in white or brown with a black saddle.


Both the Pug and Beagle are somewhat difficult to train. This little fellow is no exception.The preferred plan is clicker training with positive reinforcement. Time, patience, persistence and repetition will get the job done, fairly well but even so, a Puggle can fail to “hear” your command if he doesn’t want to obey the instruction..

Potty Training

Want to potty train your dog? There are several ways. Crate vs Paper Potty Training which will help you decide and from there you can get all the information you need. Always praise the pup profusely when she goes potty in the RIGHT PLACE so she knows she has done a good thing.

If you have an older dog, take the dog outside every two hours until she gets the idea which door leads to her potty area. Older dogs catch on to the potty or housebreaking pretty fast once they are shown what and where.

Puggle Temperament

This dog has a pretty even temperament. He’s active, has a great personality and is easy on the eye. Friendly with other dogs and people, the Pug in him is laid back, easy-going and a terrific family pet. The Beagle in him wants to hunt and track prey but is also a fine family pet.

The Puggle does bark an “average” amount, especially when left alone for long periods. The separation barking depends on how much Beagle there in in the gene-pool mix. A specimen consisting of only 15% Beagle won’t bark as much as the other way around.

This is a basically a happy, friendly, affectionate, lap dog that bonds well with the family.

If you happen to get one with a separation anxiety problem, that can be dealt with by investing a few hours of work on your part and some "tough love."

Playfulness & Affection

Very playful and affectionate. Does well with children and visitors though can be a little shy with some strangers at first..

Living environment

Apartment, flat, condo or farm living is fine. Back yard nice but not needed. This is an excellent city dog.

Energy level?

Moderate energy. Needs lots of daily exercise such as a good walk or two and some play time. Suggest playing fetch with a Frisbee or ball to satisfy the “Beagle” in him that likes to run and chase.

Caution is need with exercise and running, like jogging The Puggle has a shoirt face and can have breathing problems. The Pugle should not be left in the hot sun or exercised too much at a time.

Can act a bit clownish and silly if the mix is heavy on the Pug side. Pugs are clowns at times.

The alert, active Puggle
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Watch/Guard Dog?

Good watchdog. No guard dog.

This dog is an average barker. He barks at strangers and sometimes when lonely.

Shedding & Grooming

Both the Pug and Beagle shed. Moderately heavy shedding. Grooming not necessary except for brushing weekly to remove dead hair. Brush daily when shedding.

For more information abou9t the Puggle, read the profile pages for the Pug and Beagle at the links above to get an idea of the background of the parents.

Puggle Literature

A nice 123 page paperback for the beginner or want-to-be owner of a Puggle. It's an easy read and helpful with selecting the dog and raising it.

Puggle (Designer Dog)

"Puggles" is a small 96 page paperback with lots of information. Read the Editorial Reviews and Customer Reviews by clicking on the link below and then scroll down the Amazon page to find the reviews.

Puggles (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

The All-American Puggle!
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Dog Health Issues

What health or illness problems the Puggle is prone to depends on the gene pool mix and what percentages the dog is comprised of.

It could be assumed that common problems like hip dysplasia, eye problems such as Cherry Eye, facial skin problems in the wrinkles and hypothyroidism would show up in this hybrid dog.

There is nothing specific mentioned in the resource books largely because this dog is a true hybrid which means there is no standardization or commonality.


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