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Will I see My Dog In Heaven?

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"Rainbow Bridge" is a 128 page, 5-star paperback. "Receive the peace and assurance of knowing with certainty that your pets are in the presence of God. --Annie Mals, President, The Peaceful Kingdom Alliance 4 Animals, CA" "Comprehend the concept of body, soul, and spirit for all creatures." A GREAT book.
The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain

This is a 28 page, 4-1/2 star rating hardcover book. (A collectors book) A book for every dog owner. It really hits the mark.

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge

Beyond The Bridge is a 195 page, 4-1/2 star rated paperback that is highly regarded by the consuming public. It deals with very young children and their ability to grow and face situations. I read the Customer Reviews and feel this book is worth including on this list. Please read the Customer Reviews by clicking on the link and scrolling down the Amazon page.

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge : Nurturing our children from birth to seven

"For Every Dog An Angel" is a full 5-star, rated, 32 page hardcover book. "Whimsical language and pastel watercolors will mesmerize children of all ages." "This book is a must for everyone who has ever loved a dog." (Susan McElroy, author of other books) It's a terrific book! Read the Customer Reviews.

For Every Dog an Angel

"Dog Heaven" is a 40 page 5 star rated hardcover book for kids 4 - 8 years. As a childrens book, paintings and text are offered in the book which describes fields to run in, soft beds (made of inside out clouds), and angel children because God knows dogs love children more than anything else." And so the book goes. Please read this book if you have young children.
Dog Heaven

A 5-star 256 page paperback. The book is the work of 3 dog owners and leans toward the spiritual side through dog tales and human stories. Some thoughts in the book are:

  • Who we are on the inside matters,
  • Rebellion blocks blessings,
  • Boundaries are for our own good,
  • Using our talents glorifies God,
  • If we always bark, we won't hear our instructions. You can see where this book is going.

    Four Paws from Heaven: Devotions for Dog Lovers

    "Will My Dog Be In Heaven?" is a wonderful 96 page 4-1.2 star rated paperback for kids. "Theologians agree with the solid biblical principles kids learn, and kids are delighted with the witty, fun, insightful answers."

    Quick Children's Sermons: Will My Dog Be in Heaven?

    "She Came From Heaven" is a 220 page, 4-1/2 star paperback. "This document is anything but a cute little doggie book. Rather, it is a kaleidoscope filled with wonderfully detailed descriptions of characters. settings and situations that lure the reader into a crisis they didn't see coming. The further I got into the story, the more emotion was being poured out." Etc. It's not a "Rainbow" book but it does involve a dog.
    She Came from Heaven

    This is a 44 page, 4-1/2 star rated hardcover book written by the creator of the comic strip, MUTTS. For 4 - 8 year olds. A short story about a dog and cat that is different and interesting for your young kids.

    Just Like Heaven: A Mutts Children's Book

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