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Sporting Breed Group

photoGolden Retriever retrieving sticks->

The sporting breeds include spaniels, retrievers, pointers and setters. This is a diverse group that makes up a balance of highly active and inquisitive companions as well as great field, tracking and hunting dogs. These dogs form a group that naturally MUST have a lot of daily exercise. Not just a walk on leash, but running, chasing after Frisbee s, jogging with you and so on. If a sporting dog doesn't get enough mental and physical exercise he can often become quite destructive around the house. There's only two or three hunting dogs in the sporting breed group that can get by with only leash walks.

Here’s the group in alphabetical order and you can look up their profiles as we get those ready:

American Water Spaniel
This is a product of the United States. A terrific hunter as well as family dog. Loves the water, as the name implies.

The Brittany comes to us from France and at first was not accepted because of the way she hunted, but later was accepted into the sporting breed group. She hunts more like a setter than a pointer but is highly favored. The Brittany is smart, playful, very affectionate and gets along with just about everyone. She’s a terrific companion.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Bay Retrievers are water dogs first and most. They can work in the icy water of the Chesapeake Bay and bring in the game with no trouble. The Bay Retriever is a great family dog and quite affectionate. Check out his profile.

Clumber Spaniel
This breed is sort of a laid-back, easy-going hunter which is most unusual. His exercise needs are far less than the majority of sporting dogs. He makes a great house pet and family dog although he leans toward one-person to bond with.

American Cocker Spaniel in show dress
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Cocker Spaniel, AmericanThe Cocker Spaniel is one of the friendliest, most affectionate of the sporting breeds. It is a good hunter family dog too. There is often confusion between the English and American versions. The American Cocker is a bit smaller than the English version but they are both included in the sporting breed group.

Curly-Coated Retriever
This is a terrific water retriever and personal or family companion dog rolled into one. The Curly-Coated Retriever does well with children, learns fairly quickly and is a great pal for the active outdoors man. The Curly Coated is a member opf the Sporting Breed Group.

English Cocker Spaniel
The English Cocker is one of the unique hunting dogs, (gundog) that travels far and fast and can flush and retrieve quickly. It is referred to as the “springier spaniel” because the dog “springs” forward to surprise the game which catches it off guard.

English Pointer,
The Pointer comes from England and is a superb bird dog. Once this guy gets on point, nothing can distract him. He has the stamina to run for hours and thus, his exercise needs are great, otherwise he can become quite destructive around the house. He's good with children if well socialized as a puppy, loves to play,is affectionate and makes a good family pet.

English Setter
English Setter’s need a lot of daily exercise. They are bred to run and cover a lot of real estate in a hurry. If given their exercise needs, they become excellent house dogs and love family and children as well. This breed can be quiet, calm and well mannered…AFTER EXERCISE.

English Springer Spaniel
Like the English Setter, the Springer Spaniel can be an affectionate, playful house pet AFTER receiving adequate exercise in the field. He’s a “springer” and covers a lot of territory fast so he needs that kind of workout to keep him calm at home by the fireside. This one fits all qualifications for the sporting breed group.

Field Spaniel
If you check out the Cocker Spaniel, English Setter and Springer Spaniel, you will have a good idea about the Field Spaniel. He’s a docile, affectionate, fun-loving pooch and great family dog once he has his appetite for exercise out of the way. This breed is a bit reserved with strangers and other dogs.

Flat Coated Retriever
This guy is a really affectionate, loyal family dog that loves to retrieve, run, swim and romp. He’s a noted “tail-wager” and happy companion. A friendly gundog. Give him his exercise and he is a darling for the rest of the day. He is a bit sensitive and can be wary of strangers, but this dog makes a fine pet!

This is one tired Vizsla
after a long day in the fields.


German Shorthaired Pointer
When once this breed has had a day filled with running through endless fields for exercise, his next wish is to curl up with his family by the fireplace. He’s a superb point in the field and a loving dog at home. Because he hunts small game, he can’t be trusted around small pets in the house unless raised with them. Actually, any dog in the sporting breed group should be watched around small animals.

German Wirehaired Pointer
The Wirehaired Pointer can run for hours and is a good bird dog and household companion. He can be a tad stubborn and sensitive. He generally gets along pretty well with children, especially older ones, but is wary of strangers and other dogs. He has a vastly different personality than the Shorthaired Pointer. Good for active outdoor hunters, campers.

Golden Retriever
This is one of the most loved dogs in the United Stated. The Golden loves to carry things in it’s mouth, loves to hunt, and loves family and companionship. This is a docile, affectionate, playful breed that has long been favored in American households and advertising.

Gordon Setter
The Gordon Setter is a very lively, active bird dog that has the energy to run and chase all day. It’s a bit more protective of family than the other dogs in the sporting breed group and tends to be wary of strangers and dogs. This is a hunting dog for the very active outdoors man.

The Irish Setter
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Irish Setter
A good companion dog if given plenty of exercise. The Irish setter loves to run and hunt but is not that popular among sportsmen as a gundog; hunting dog. This breed is more likely to be found curled up in someone’s home or out jogging with a family member.

Irish Water Spaniel
The breed loves to do everything with great enthusiasm whenever it runs, hunts, swims or plays. Irish Water Spaniels get along pretty well with older children but can become overly boisterous. This dog is a tad of a clown at times. It can be stubborn.

Labrador Retriever
A natural hunter and one of the most versatile breeds ever born, the Lab has it all. He’s as great hunter, family companion, good with kids, affectionate, loyal, and all around good kid… as long as he is kept busy, active, and not allowed to get bored! this breed is the king of the sporting breed group! The Lab is very trainable and has served the police, rescue and other groups well. He can do far more than hunt!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
This is a very friendly, affectionate retriever that loves family and chasing anything that moves. That would be a duck, bird, stick or Frisbee. This charming breed from Nova Scotia gets along with children and just about everything except strangers. He’s wary of strangers but comes around to them quickly enough once introduced.

Spinoni Italiani
This breed is a hunter and pointer but is not as active as most of the ones we’ve covered so far in the sporting breed group. He gets along well with other dogs, pets and most people. He is basically a calm dog but in no way a guard dog.

Sussex Spaniel
The Sussex is not the most popular bird dog with hunters as it tends tor be a bit noisy when on the chase. It is a calm, easy-going dog that can do well with a leash-walk or some play in the yard. He barks and howls too much for apartment life.

A very talented bird hunter and pointer, the Vizsla is constantly searching fore the scent of the next bird. He can run all day and love it. This breed is playful, affectionate,. Friendly with strangers and a great companion for the highly active outdoors man.

This breed has tremendous energy and needs to run and hunt. He does best with a very active outdoors individual who is on the go and wants a companion. The Weimaraner is too rambunctious for kids and not overly affectionate but is calm and a good house pet after he gets his daily exercise.

Welsh Springer Spaniel
While wary of strangers, the Welsh Springer remains an affectionate and devoted family dog. He’s quite gentle and several long walks on leash plus play time of fetch will satisfy his exercise needs. He’s a good bird dog but more relaxed than some. He comes close to not belonging in the sporting breed group.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
This breed works in a style of his own, pointing and retrieving usually within hunter’s gun range. The dog is independent but will still take orders from his master in the field. He is an unsurpassed family dog and is generally friendly with strangers, pets and other dogs.


That's all the hunting dogs listed so far by the AKC.

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