Teaching Dog Drop It,
"Drop-It" -- Good Thing To Know!

Teaching dog drop it is important
Teaching your dog "drop-it" can be a very important command. It's important because dogs pick up all sorts of things they shouldn’t and many can be harmful to them. Then too, if you’re playing tug-of-war, you need an effective release command. Teaching dog drop it matters.

This also allows you to play fetch with your dog, a real plus!

The idea is teaching "dog drop it" when what she has picked up (or is doing) is not worth her time and her option is to simply "drop-it." She is to learn there are more interesting things for her to have in her mouth.

One Way To Do It:
Teaching dog drop it is important.
I think the absolute simplest and quickest way is to let the dog pick up some useless thing like a stick or chewed up ball and reach down and tell her “DROP IT” while physically pulling it from her mouth and letting it drop on the ground. Once she releases it, give her a treat and CLICK! with your clicker.

The dog gets the idea if she drops the stick, she’ll get something much better. Teaching her this way has worked for me in no time on my small dogs. Soon, she’ll be dropping stuff and waiting for treats and clicks.

If a dog objects to the item being taken from her, it’s off to obedience training and work on the temperament and obedience.

For larger, high spirited dogs like retrievers, sporting, and working groups, it’s a little more of a psychological, hide-’n-seek effort.

This Border Collie thinks he has done a nice thing by bringing you flowers, but they may be poisonous to him. "DROP-IT" is the command you need!!
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To get the "dog-drop-it" idea across, get a small chew toy or any simple thing he likes; even some kibble if the dog likes that... whatever he’ll WANT to pick up. Also get some really good food, like chunks of raw steak or hot dog bits or bacon chunks.Reaching dog drop it is essential.

Get in front of the dog and put the chew toy or whatever down on the floor in front of him. As quickly as he PICKS UP the toy, tell him DROP IT! and offer him a little chunk of steak or hot dog. Don’t let him get the toy. Move it if you have to.

Teaching dog drop it must be done

Your dog will begin to get the idea that the toy is not worth his time and that DROP IT! means something much better will come to him.

Try tossing a ball a few feet and calling the dog back to you. Tell him to “DROP IT.” If he does, reward him with a treat and praise and CLICK! You’ve just won. If he doesn’t drop it, keep practicing.

If he drops the item and picks it up again, tell him “drop it” again and make him drop it from his mouth to the ground with a treat and click as before.

This is a rather easy lesson for dogs to learn and one reason they learn is because, if it’s a ball, as soon as they “drop it” you throw it again for him to fetch and he loves that!

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