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Young girl with her Toy Poodle Puppy
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Toy Breeds
pug These little “toy” breeds are generally easier to care for than larger dogs and their exercise needs are far less so they tend to make a good pet for indoor living and apartments with limited space. The little guys look delicate, and a few are, but mostly they are tough and ready for anything you want them to do. Most are intelligent and learn anything a bigger dog can learn. You can take these toy dogs for a walk just like their bigger counterparts. The toy dog breeds make affectionate, loyal lapdogs that keep you company and entertained. Here’s an alphabetical list of toy dog breeds:

Sometimes called the “monkey terrier,” this little fellow is a bit of a clown, full of life and active. He likes to dig and yap like all terriers but is pretty goods with other dogs and people. He’s quite friendly, playful and outgoing, weighing in at around 8 pounds.

Brussels Griffon
The Brussels is a bold, playful, self-confident 9 pound dog that gets along with other dogs and people pretty well but is extremely sensitive and not for families with children. The breed is known for separation anxiety so it shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier is one of the most lovable of the toy breeds. She is quiet, affectionate, and gets along with everyone from other dogs to strangers and children. She can weigh up to 18 pounds which makes her not as delicate as some. This is a perfect family pet.

Although not overly affectionate or playful, the Chihuahua remains one of the most popular toy breeds in the USA. They are a good watchdog and companion. They get along well with kids, other pets and other dogs as a rule,. Exercise requirements are minimal and they can be in indoor dog or get by with very short walks so they are good for seniors and shut-ins.

Chinese Crested
The Crested is a playful little 10 pound lapdog and companion that is friendly with other dogs, cats, people and children. She needs very little exercise such as a short walk on leash or a game in the yard and her primary job is to keep your lap warm. She comes with or without fur.

English Toy Spaniel
Another loyal lapdog is the English Toy Spaniel. She is a quiet, calm dog but with lots of energy for games or walks in the park. All 12 pounds of her gets along well with other dogs and pets in the house but is wary of strangers. She can be stubborn.

This little 10 pound wonder is a friend to just about everyone. She is a bit of a clown, silly in her own way and likes to be the center of attention. She is friendly with other dogs, pets, children and strangers. This is an affectionate family dog.

Italian Greyhound lying down
This is a fascinating member of the toy dog breeds.

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Italian Greyhound
The Italian Greyhound is a quite, gentle and affectionate breed that loves to run and race but has relatively low exercise needs. The dog is good with children but she can easily break her legs around bigger kids and dogs. She is fragile.

Japanese Chin
This little 7 pound miniature is an all round family dog that is good with responsible children, other dogs and loves people in general. It is a true lap and family dog at heart. It is playful, affectionate and a great watchdog all in one.

The Maltese is an energetic little dog that loves to run and romp but needs little exercise to keep her satisfied. At roughly 5 pounds, she certainly is a qualified member of the toy breeds group! She is somewhat affectionate, a definite lapdog, gets along with most other dogs and pets, is wary of strangers and is a great little watchdog.

Manchester Terrier, Toy
This is a breed running around 7 pounds with short hair in the toy breeds group that is very sensitive and wary of strangers, other dogs and household pets. She’s very sensitive. She does well with her family and shows affection and is playful with them, but has problems outside the family.

A Miniature Pinscher acting silly
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Miniature Pinscher
The “Min Pin” is the opposite of the breed above. This one is outgoing, bold, inquisitive and always ready to confront another dog or person. She’s very playful and affectionate with her family but not with other dogs and strangers. She is a good watchdog.

Papillon's, aka “Butterfly Dogs,” are 8 pound critters that love children but are easily injured so caution is needed. The get along with other dogs and people. The Papillon is playful gentle, affectionate and fairly easy to train. This makes for a near perfect house pet.

Pekes are a stubborn breed and do not do well with children of any age. They are easily injured and are not tolerant of very young children. The Pekes need little exercise and can be an indoor dog. They are not very playful or affectionate but are good watchdogs.

This breed, while small, has a lot of energy and is always busy investigating, following you or sticking her nose into things. She’s quite playful but not always an ideal lapdog. She is not overly affectionate. She can be aggressive with strange dogs. At 4 pounds, she belongs on the toy breeds page for sure!

Toy Poodle
Female Toy Poodles average around 6 pounds and are a lively breed, loving every bit of life. Very playful and affectionate, friendly with strangers, people in general and house pets—that’s a Poodle. The Toy Poodle is very intelligent and easy to train. They are responsive, eager to please and make good little watchdogs.

The Adorable Little Pug
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The Pug is a sure contender for the toy breeds group. She’s a little comedy act, always showing off and acting silly. She's quiet and laid-back, but stubborn and self-confident too. She will settle on anyone’s lap she can find. She’s a good watchdog, and needs minimal exercise.

Shih Tzu
This breed weighs in around 15 pounds and is a favorite in senior citizen centers. The Shih Tzu is foremost an affectionate companion and lapdog that loves to play and romp but needs little exercise beyond a brief walk. She’s good with (well mannered) children and other pets.

The Silky Terrier.
Who could walk away from this cute face?

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Silky Terrier
The 9 pound Silky Terrier fits the toy breeds list quite well. She’s a perky, playful little 9 pound lapdog that is busy romping and investigating most of the time, and getting into trouble doing it. She has a stubborn streak. Being a terrier, she barks a lot, digs and doesn’t care much for other dogs.

Toy Fox Terrier
Toy Fox Terriers really do fit the toy breeds list. This 6 pound wonder is full of life and will check out your drawers, cabinets and all corners of the garage before setting out to entertain you with her antics. Then she’ll find a lap to settle in on. She’s full of play and affection for her family. She comes with the label, “Made In the USA.” She’s pretty easy to train and is a good watchdog. She’ll play with children as long as the kids are well mannered and not rough.

Yorkshire Terrier
The energetic little Yorkie requires a lot of combing and brushing if you keep her in the show-ring hairdo. She’s a feisty, barky, playful lapdog that is moderately affectionate but at times more concerned about herself than anything else. She’s a sweet dog but you have to understand her. She’s a great watchdog, barking at everything and often nothing. I’ve owned two of them

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