Training Dog Stay Is Vital

A Very Important Command

Training dog stay:

Training a dog the "stay" command is for every dog to learn, regardless of size or breed. Practice “stay” thoroughly so it becomes almost an auto reflex for your dog. Teaching a dog to “stay” is not easy so be patient. it's tough for most active dogs to stay in one place!

We’ll use some delicious treats and the CLICKER for this.

  • Work in a quiet place to train your dog with the to “stay” command. No distractions.

  • Put the dog in “SIT” and wait several seconds. If she stays in position, give her a CLICK and a treat for staying there.

  • OR, hold the palm of your hand in front of her nose, tell her “stay” and only keep her in “stay” for 2 or 3 seconds. If she doesn’t try to move, CLICK, treat.

  • Repeat either of the above, making the dog wait a little longer for the click/treat, this time about 5 seconds.

  • Keep repeating “STAY” each time so your dog associates the command word with what she is doing, which is sitting still.

  • Extend the length of time she is sitting and staying by two or three seconds after she masters the previous set.

  • For extended lengths of time, give her a treat as she continues her “stay” position for you. This is an “extended stay.”

  • Do this over and over for five minutes, then repeat the exercise again in the afternoon and the next day and so on for several weeks. Don’t burn her out all at once.

  • Reach the point where she will sit calmly for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes. (That's a long time for a dog to do any one thing!) Remember to keep clicking and treating with praise.

  • Now, back up a step, repeating “stay.” Keep your eyes on her. Pause. CLICK!, treat.

  • Back up again, now to the length of the leash. If the starts to follow you, give her a quick “SIT.” If she stays, CLICK!, treat.

  • Walk back to her and give lots of praise and a treat, telling her “GOOD STAY!!”

  • Repeat over and over. Then, start making the time and distances from her greater, gradually. Practice this every day for several weeks or more until she gets the idea.

Don’t forget to “CLICK” every time she “stays” the way she’s supposed to. Wear out the clicker if you have to.

Now take the training dog stay exercise into areas of distractions like a park or other public area. This is actually where you will most likely ask your dog to “stay” most often anyway. She must be obedient around squirrels, other dogs and strangers, no fail.

Practicing the STAY in public is the real test so spend time here and get it right because this is where it really counts!

When training dog stay, be sure you release your dog from the “Stay” command with an “OK” or "YES, GOOD GIRL" when you’re finished with the training session! That’s a dog training tip to remember. ALWAYS RELEASE YOUR DOG!

Continue to use the “stay” command everyday for what ever reason you can think of. It is a tough command to commit to, especially if the dog sees a juicy squirrel run up a tree. If the dog knows “down,” use “down-stay” too.

If at any point above the dog does NOT stay, tell her to SIT immediately and let her calm down. You have to essentially start all over and take little steps again when you’re training a dog to stay. This is why I suggest tiring the dog out before starting training. High-energy dogs can be tough to work with and quite frustrating. Keep your cool.

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